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Below are some frequently asked questions that we get. Please click on the green bar to see the answer.

Are there any residency or income requirements to use the Gaston Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic?

No, everyone is welcome! Learn More >

I lost or found a dog or cat with no identification tags. What do I do?

Bring the found animal by a local vet’s office and ask them to scan the pet for a microchip (id tag which the owner had placed under the pet’s skin).

Contact your neighbors and postal carrier and let them know your pet is missing or that you have found a pet. Pets usually stay close to home and can sometimes get shut in a neighbor’s garage or shed.

Contact area newspapers – some newspapers place lost/found ads for free.

Create posters of your lost/found pet and post them everywhere – grocery stores, animal hospitals, shelters, pet supply stores, banks, coffee shops, gas stations, groomers, pet day care centers, schools, parks, police stations, libraries, and community bulletin boards.

Email a description and photo to Gaston County’s Lost and Found at

What is the best breed of dog for me?

This is an important question when considering a purebred dog. But even within breeds there’s enormous variety in the way a dog acts and reacts to the world around him. You will want to consider your lifestyle, the activity level required of the breed, the cost of preventative medications (flea/tick and heartworm) on a small vs. large breed, the cost of grooming and your backyard and available areas for exercise.

And don’t forget to consider a mutt. They are often the best of several breeds and make wonderful pets.

Where can I adopt a dog or cat?

We’ve listed some of the local rescues and shelters under our resources tab. Please check out their available pets for adoption..